No Flowers at The Flower House

They must have had an especially busy time at The Flower House in Cambridge, because when I pop in to have a look around the shop, the buckets are bare. Which is a shame for me, if not for them, because it looks like it would be a lovely shop when it is bursting with blooms.
So I have to look elsewhere to get my daily dose of flowers.
A tulip a day keeps the doctor away.
I find them in abundance at the market in the centre of the city and I spot these fabulous cerise hydrangeas and equally fabulous dress in Bowns on Magdalene Street.
I even find the city is paved with flowers. This is a phenomenon I have never got to the bottom of. Casually scattered along the pavements of Cambridge are hundreds of brass flowers of varying shapes and sizes.
I spotted them first when I was photographing and writing 'Flower Shops & Friends' and at the time I rang the council to ask why they were there. The young man at the other end of the phone in the Highways Department, simply said 'What flowers?'!
On the banks of the river I spy a few shy daffodils and crocuses just starting to bloom.
And in the craft market I find painted pottery bursting with foxgloves and daisies.
In the window of one of Cambridge's art galleries I find one of my favourite offerings, this 3D paper posy of wild flowers and butterflies.
I even spot a flower on the rugby pitch when later in the day we turn up to watch the Cambridge Vs Oxford women's Varsity match.
Now normally I would always cheer for a flower, but I am afraid this time I just can't.
My daughter Alex is playing for Cambridge and Miss Flowers is playing for Oxford.
And the score?
22 - 0


  1. What fun it would be to spy the flowers beneath your feet on a sidewalk. ♥♫

  2. Very clever post! I, too, am curious about the flowers on the walk.
    Ask the oldest person you see. They know everything!

  3. Hello Sally

    Apparently the flowers in the pavements were part of a street art project by Michael Fairfax around 2001.

    Amanda x

  4. I found you blog 1 hour ago...it's amazing ! fantastic photos , it's a plasure "follow" you !

  5. thank you very much Amanda,
    And thank you all for you kind comments

  6. There is finally talk of the bathroom being decorated so my print of the bath can be finally hung.

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