A Question of Workshops

I have some very exciting news. I have the chance to run a series of workshops at Stourhead, in the courtyard next door to the beautiful National Trust gardens. I am scheming and planning these at the moment, so if anyone fancies coming to a workshop, let me know what sort of things you would like to have a go at. There is a pub with a hotel and restaurant in the courtyard across from the room I will be using - so it could be an excuse for a couple of days away in this area... so many gardens and flower shops to visit ...
Let me know if you think this could be as much fun as I do.
I am busy with workshops this weekend. For some of my girlfriend's for Christmas, I suggested I would run a workshop for them. I would bring the flowers - they just have to bring themselves and a few bits for lunch. My friends arrive laden with food and wine (this is why they are my friends!) and I carry in buckets of beautiful spring flowers from Kate's flower shop.
The wine is open, Adele is on the CD and all is well with the world.
We are going to be making easy gifts - such as the teacups of flowers shown above and we will also be practicing hand-tied posies - one of the most useful, but tricky things to master.
Good hand-tie Jane!
This idea is so simple. Little box. Bit of cellophane and Oasis. Four roses. Ribbon to tie.
These buttery lemon roses are called Vanilla Sky.
One of my favourites.


  1. Hi Sally, I would be very interested in your courses at Stourhead. How would I go about signing up for one?


  2. Excellent!
    I will keep you posted when I have some dates.
    Perhaps you could let me have your email address and where you live



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