January 11th

Forty and still FAB-U-LOUS!

My friend Victoria who works as a fundraiser for a children's charity was struggling through a crowded train around Christmas time when she spotted Craig Revel Horwood sitting with his friend in First Class. She bumped past them loaded down with projectors, display boards and brochures and eventually found a seat further down the train.

Then came the dilemma. Her daughter Ella LOVES Strictly (quite right too). Should she struggle back down the train and disturb Craig, or leave him be?

What the hell!

Craig and his friend made her very welcome and insisted she sit down by them for a photo. And Ella is now the proud owner of a note that reads. 'To FAB-U-LOUS Ella, Love Craig Revel Horwood x      10/10  " Now not many people can say they got a 10 from Craig.


  1. Hi
    On the 11th Day of 2013 it was good to see your regular 365 days mission of bringing interesting stories to the readers. This attempt will bring nice rewards in this life. Purpose of life is getting revealed to you. May God bless you. Tom Mathew

  2. I love this picture of yours - I've always wanted to do a cake like this. It's my birthday at the end of the month, so maybe...

    And also, if I've remembered correctly, isn't today your wedding anniversary? Many congratulations (even if I've got the wrong day - I know it's around this time!)

    Louise :-)

  3. Thankyou Louise, Very close! 14th
    Sally x

  4. Ahh! Must do better. Will try to remember for next year.



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