January 7th

So very proud to be your mum

I am sending roses to my daughters as they are both starting their first 'grown up' job today. And you will have to forgive me now as I do some Proud Mum boasting! Alex is heading in to work as a researcher on a new wildlife series commissioned by the BBC called Predators. She rang me last night and was literally burbling with the thought of it. She will be working, and sharing an office, with Hugh Pearson who produced the BBC Africa programme. I don't think I have ever heard her so excited.

Libby has been spending the past months campaigning hard to get interns paid the minimum wage, and today she is starting work part-time as the Campaign and Policy Coordinator for the campaigning group, Intern Aware.

What makes me particularly proud is how they have gone about getting these jobs. Alex went to live in Bristol, not knowing a soul, and used her savings and shop work, as she weathered a deluge of rejections. Libby risked alienation from the journalism industry she so wants to work in by standing up and saying interns should be paid for the work they do. As she says 'who wants to employ the girl who complains?'

Now that makes me so very proud to be their mum.

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