An Autumnal Palette

Some people find the autumn depressing as they see it as a time of decay, with winter lurking just around the corner. I, on the other hand, love the autumn. I love the colours, the sense of change in the air and the memories it brings of conkers, new school shoes and the pale lined pages of fresh exercise books.
As I drive over to the National Trust garden at Stourhead the air is warm and fragrant, but with an enticing tang of autumnal bite in the breeze. The hydrangeas by the roadside look like they have been brushed with a smoky palette of new paints.
They are not the only flowers to have been painted. In the memorial hall near to the garden there is an exhibition of floral paintings.
How can I resist a look?!
Artists call by to demonstrate their craft for visitors to the exhibition.
Next door in the First-View Gallery there are more flowers spilling from the walls.
My favourite, this fabulous display of sunlit anemones.


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