In the Steps of Eliza Dolittle

There is no doubt it is in London where you will find some of the finest flower stalls. So when I am in South Kensington on my way to a meeting I find I am very easily distracted by the wayside flowers.
One of the most beautiful stalls is in the entrance to the old Michelin Building on Fulham Road, home to the Conran shop and the light and airy, and very elegant Bibendum restaurant.
I am in for such a treat - I am being taken out for lunch here today. And what is more, I am being treated by one of the supporters of the children's charity I fundraise for. Anyone who has ever fundraised will know this is not the norm. The norm is you are the last one anyone ever wants to speak to and your emails will be bottom of the list to reply to! So today makes such a change and I am going to enjoy myself.
Wandering back to the tube station after lunch (happily full of saffron and haddock risotto and a glass of Sauvignon) I spend some time admiring the flowers at the flower stall on the concourse outside the station entrance.
The girls at Gilding the Lily are busy making up posies of roses, delphiniums and veronica.
It seems idyllic on a sunny day like today, but I can imagine in the rain and the cold it is another days work altogether.
I love the mix of varieties the girls have chosen - in this case amaryllis, celosia and anthuriums.
Plus the colour combinations would make anyone smile.
Especially a woman who loves flowers who has just been treated to a very nice lunch.
Thank you very much Mr & Mrs P.


  1. What beautiful flowers, nothing gives me more pleasure than walking past a florists and just looking at all the beautiful flowers and sometimes I treat myself, well why not, Lucey x

  2. I should say only that its awesome! The blog is informational and always produce amazing things.Thanks for sharing.



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