One Day to Go

The new sign is up and so is the bunting. "Sprout & Flower" - a good name for a fruit, veg and flower shop.
Sarah and her friend Emma are putting the finishing touches, and deciding and re-deciding where everything should go.
"What do you think? ...there ...or maybe ...there?"
Some of the walls have been clad in new cedar wood which will soften to a smoky grey over time. This will go perfectly with the stone walls and new slate counter.
Some of the plants have arrived but the fruit and veg order and the flower delivery will arrive tomorrow.
But what does arrive today is a Dorset apple cake from neighbour, Deeanne. She stops for a quick chat but is soon off back home to bake a pear upside down cake to use up her windfalls.
Sarah tells me that all week people have been calling in with gifts, including a pizza for her partner Bob, when someone saw him working late in the shop one evening!
Sarah has a notice up in the window looking for local produce - but almonds is the last thing she expected. A gentleman brought them in telling her they were from their farm in Andalusia.
I am looking forward to visiting tomorrow when the doors open officially.


  1. Sprout & Flower how lovely!
    Sorry I've been away and missed the run-up to the shop opening, please could you let me know the location?
    Good luck to all

  2. It is the centre of Mere, just off the A303
    Near to Stourhead national trust garden too

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