From This to That

What a difference a few days, a lot of hard work and Peter the Painter makes! As I am admiring the new shop front, Peter is passing and introduces himself. He is clearly (and justifiably) proud of his work and stops to brush some dust from the gleaming paintwork.
I can't believe the difference - and what a great colour. A colour I would have never chosen from a colour chart, but it looks amazing.
A clue of things to come? I know Sarah is keen to stock locally grown fruit and veg, including the more specialist varieties. And I also know from working with Sarah the flowers she stocks are sure to be gorgeous.
People from the village peer inside as they pass to see how things are progressing.

So far, new woodwork, dustbins and bags for the rubbish ...and is that Granvil's bike?


  1. The whole building looks fantastic and it has the "kerb" appeal straightaway which I think is very important. Love the colour too...Lucey x

  2. Itlooks drop dead gorgeous!

  3. Entirely *green* with envy at your fab storefront!



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