Sprout & Flower - Open for Business

The scene is set, the door is open and in the constant stream of customers it is difficult to get a quick photo of the proud proprietress.
There are ready to go bunches of flowers in a display on the street with further banks of flowers inside. A man driving past stops to call in to buy flowers for the friends he is visiting. As the shops is crowded I step in and am proud to say I make the first Sprout & Flower bouquet. Once a florist, always a florist!
I also make a posy for my florist friend Jennifer who is not very well. She, Sarah and I all used to work together at Ted Martin Flowers in nearby Tisbury. I know she will be keen to hear how Sarah's first day is going.
At the back of the shop near the garden are two larger pieces for sale.
A floral painting on silk by local artist Tamsin Guy, plus a hazel chair that Sarah made herself. Is there no end to her talents!


  1. Tell Sarah . . . . Good luck xxx

  2. I found the link! Great news - looks fantastic Sarah. Good luck with it all, couldn't be in a better place.

  3. Loved looking at the photos of this little story! I couldnt wait till you uploaded the pictures of the inside of the shop! It is such a beautiful shop, i love it! One of the most beautiful shops ive ever seen! I hope to have a shop like that someday.... Good luck with everything! xxxx

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